Our VA’s are understaffed and underfunded.  Our veterans deserve better.  We work to send blankets, socks, razors, denture adhesive, toothpaste, toothbrush, deodorant, air mattress, sheets, sweat outfits and more to the VA hospitals.

Sponsor a Box for a Veteran

$30 for one veteran; $50 for Two

Boxes Include: Toothbrush, Toothpaste, razors, shave cream, playing cards, hand lotion, socks, deodorant, sweatsuit, crossword puzzle, pens, chap stick, denture adhesive, Helping Heroes T-Shirt, thank you card from the community, thank you letter from sponsor.

These care packages are made to boost morale during time of treatment and hospitalization. Also showing our veterans that their deed has not gone forgotten.  

Sponsor a care package for a deployed soldier $80

Beef jerky, sun screen, protein powder, 5-hour energy shots, candy, snacks, sauce packets, microwaveable foods, workout supplies, books, games, puzzles, energy drinks, shoe laces, flea collars, bug spray, baby wipes, tampons, contact solution, sun glasses, Helping Heroes T-shirt, feminine wipes, cookies, pop tarts, pain reliever, icy-hot patches, gum, and hand/foot warmers. Along with cards, pictures and letters from home.

Sponsor a unit of 10 $400

A unit receives the standard items above, but enough to share.

These care packages are sent from home to remind our soldiers we stand behind them while fighting for freedom.